Just do it.


Yukon Quest 2008.

Whether or not you are a Nike fan, one has to admit that their popular slogan "Just do it" is right on. How many people go through life wishing instead of acting. No matter what you would like to do in life, be it in sports, in the arts, in politics, getting an education, etc. it's the doers that get things done. Not the wishers. As an example every new year people promise themselves they will work at having a healthier body composition (less body fat, more lean mass) but then set down comfort conditions like; as long as it's not too much effort or they are not willing to make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes. The excuse most often heard is: "I don't have the time". Life is so much more exciting and invigorating when we pursue our dreams.

Nicole Guay, Centenaire Trail, Québec, Canada

When I was a teenager back in the 1950's almost everyone was lean. I cannot recall once seeing an obese young person. We did not have the food plate portion size or the variety of refined foods that are available today. Everybody was outside playing or working. I'm not saying we should turn the clock back and live like in the 50's but we could use the lessons learnt from the pass. People have to be active, eat and sleep well and have responsibilities. We are animals with animal bodies. We have to burn and replenish calories in a healthy way. We must use our brain, stimulate it. We need the good stresses of having studies, jobs, family and commitments. Watching TV does little for the body or the brain except maybe to sit down and recover from some exhaustive physical or mental effort. Our bodies are programmed for survival in exceptionally difficult conditions. Those conditions don't exist today but we still carry the genes from way back in the Stone Age when food was scarce and hunting and long distance travelling were necessary. Today we overeat on the wrong kinds of food and most people are sedentary. Our bodies know only one way to handle this abundance of mostly poor foods and that is to stock it as body fat. A body cared for this way cannot repair itself, thus disease takes over. We are born with only one chance at a body. Might as well take good care of it. Our goal should not be to live forever but to be as functional as possible right up to the end. Unless one has a genetic disorder or been involved in an incapacitating accident; following proper diet, getting plenty of intense exercise, practising stress management and social skills should contribute to a long healthy and productive life. Don't live in the past but use the lessons from the past to plan the future. Past achievements should be but stepping-stones to future accomplishments. Whatever your goals are: "Just do it".