Horton River


The Horton River runs in a generally northerly direction from Lake Horton to the Beaufort Sea. We spend 26 days on the river. Canoeing was easy, the canyons runnable, the many hours spent hiking were wonderful. We seen grizzly bear, musk ox, moose, Arctic fox, white wolves, caribou, Golden and Bald eagles, Peregrine falcons and belugas while over visiting the Smoking Hills. The temperature was very hot on most days and the wind never died down. We had to tie the tents down with large stones inside and out (see photo below). There were no black flies but a zillions mosquitoes but they were barely bothersome. I took about 400 transparencies and all except a portion of one film were damaged either in transport or when been developed. The few slides that did show anything were very grainy. The moral of the story is never volunteer to be the trip photographer unless you are an experienced lens man. Losing the slides is a small matter as the memories of the Horton will be cherished forever.

Horton River images