Fit tips


The Basic Fitness Tips mentioned here are merely an overview. Just enough information to help you get started. If anything here is of interest to you then it's easy, with the internet, for you to do the necessary research required to obtain more information. Always make sure that your information source is reliable.

Youri Juteau


If you have never exercised before it is suggested that you first undergo a stress test at a medical facility or receive your doctor's approval.

My definition of fitness is; "developing and maintaining at a reasonably high level both our aerobic and anaerobic capabilities, as well as our muscular strength, power, endurance and suppleness, all done within a healthy balanced lifestyle".

Generally speaking the majority of the population (there are exceptions of course; those with genetic disorders and severe cases of hormonal imbalances) will find it possible to be fit and healthy for most of the duration of their lives. It is quite simple actually. All one needs is the commitment to make the necessary changes required to succeed.

Unless you are interested in competing at a high level in one specific endurance or strength sport then perhaps cross training is the way to go in order to obtain that balance required for fitness.

With time, as we age beyond our 30's, we gradually lose to the years, our strength, speed and mobility, our maximum heart rate and VO2 Max. and to a lesser degree our endurance.

Also declining with age is our ability to recover from training, sickness, surgery, etc.

Unless we are competitive athletes, training under medical supervision, we should avoid all excessive long distance or intensive training, as it has been shown that excessive training may have negative effects on the hormonal systems of both male and female athletes.

Short intensive aerobic and/or anaerobic workouts such as HIT (high intensity interval training) or time trials should replace those extra long workouts. Warm up sufficiently before doing intense exercise

Both resistance training of short duration and high intensity exercise has shown to increase hormonal activity. Weight training is probably the best at this.

If unsure seek out the help of an experienced trainer/coach who will listen to you and consider your goals. A small investment for a lifetime of health and fitness.

Proper rest, sleep and nutrition are required in order to progress.

Be patient at first. If you are totally out of shape when you start then set realistic objectives.

Increased muscle mass burns calories.

Nicole Guay


The most important nutrition/health challenge facing us today is fighting off obesity and diabetes. Generally these are caused by poor eating habits and lack of exercise and can be avoided by the following advice.

Avoid sugar at all cost, food and drinks containing sugar, all refined and/or transformed foods, fruit juices, fibreless breads, trans fat (hydrogenated) and excess carbohydrates

Check out the internet for advice on maintaining a healthy gut biome.

Use healthy fats from organically raised animals as well as extra virgin cold pressed olive oil. Eat plenty of cold water fish and supplement with some fish and flax oils.

Consider the possibility of doing intermittent fasting or using a ketogenic diet. Information on both diets are available on the www.

On a regular eating plan each meal should be complete in macro-nutrients; protein, some carbs and good fat. The constant ingestion of some protein with each of the meals should keep your body in an anabolic state thus avoiding catabolism.

Each meal plan should be a protein food with raw veggies and maybe a little fruit and cold pressed virgin olive oil. Unfortunately cooked veggies lose their digestive enzymes and the cooking process breaks down the once healthy fibre.

If wanting to lose body fat then the carbs obtained from breads, cereals, pasta, etc. should be eliminated from the diet. Those wishing to continue on eating these cereal based foods should do so only at the meals following hard training.

Learn and study the importance of the "glycemic index" of foods.

Consider the acid balance of your meals. Group in one meal both alkaline and acidic foods to avoid losing bone mass and bone strength as you get older.

According to your activity level take in the right amount of complete protein. Consider using a high quality whey isolate or whey concentrate. Not only do they provide a highly digestible protein but they also provide the body with immune system boosters

Slowly slipping plain water at 10 degrees Celsius is recommended during activities of 1.5 hours or less.

When training intensely or competing for more than 1.5 hours use sports drinks. Keep your sports drinks at 10 degrees Celsius if possible as this helps in gastric emptying.

Recovery drinks should be taken within a half hour of terminating intense training or competition. These drinks should be composed of 0.5 grams of whey protein and 1.5 - 2 grams of carbohydrate per kg of bodyweight and taken as a cold drink sipped very slowly.

Some studies show that chocolate milk is an effective recovery drink when taken immediately after intense exercise.


JC Desforges

There are no secrets or miracle methods when it comes to losing body fat and keeping it off. For the average person not suffering from hormonal problems or a genetic disorder the answer is various EXERCISE activities, correct NUTRITION (maybe a ketogenic or intermittent fasting diet) and the desire to succeed. Learn how to exercise within your means. Start slowly and build up gradually. By doing so you will find it easier to adapt as you move forward. Seek knowledgeable advice if need be. Stick the course. Success does not come overnight. There are no quick fixes.

If you follow the guidelines mentioned in the section on NUTRITION you should lose weight in a healthy/slow but sure manner.